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This is the feeling when you imagine the cross between two of the most influence stallions ever, MARWAN AL SHAQAB and SHANGHAI EA.
They are fathers and grandfathers both of World Champions.
We can’t think on any strong breeding program without this two great stallions.

KING ARTHUR EA is a result of the perfect cross. The same and reverse cross than Triple Crown Winner and World Champion Stallion EXCALIBUR EA, who owns the highest score ever with 95,33 points.

KING ARTHUR EA emblodies, like his “brother”, movement, stamina, great conformation, long legs and extremely arabian type. His amazing neck came from the father side, MARWAN AL SHAQAB. The exotism from the dam side (by SHANGHAI EA).

KING ARTHUR EA started already his breeding life as a sire.
Seven mares are in foal this year from him on Equus Arabians Stud.
We are sure he’s a new great stallion who will contribute strongly to the next step on the arabian breeding.

His charisma and high class pedigree makes it easy to predict his future influence.
Now KING ARTHUR EA is 3 years old.

KING ARTHUR EA is a great opportunity to share worldwide the EQUUS ARABIANS breeding program.


Date of birth 26-06-2017
Gender Stallion
Color Grey



Marwan Al Shaqab
Gazal Al Shaqab
Anaza El Farid
Little Liza Fame
Little Liza Fame
Fame VF
Liberia EA
Shanghai EA
WH Justice
Salymah EA
Libanon Azadika
Om El Azadik
Warandes Shaklana

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