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Young, tall, powerfull, 2 years old filly with excellent body and incredible shaped neck. This  traits came from her ancestors.

Her father THE PRINCE EA, is also a Show Winner with a lot international  trophies.

Her grandfather EXCALIBUR EA, Triple Crown and World Champion Stallion who owns the major score ever in the show arena with 95,33 points, and father of Multichampions Worldwide, adds the carisma and stamine needed.

LAMIRA, grandmother from the sire LAMAN HVP, is a Show Winner Mare, with a lot of Gold Medals, like Towerlands (UK), Albei (FR), Wels (Austria), Denmark, Germany and Top Ten in World Championships.

The dame line is impresive with her mother and maternal sisters of World Champion EXCALIBUR EA.

In her pedigree ther are 3 World Champions, EXCALIBUR EA, GAZAL AL SHAQAB and MARWAN AL SHAQAB, and the great SHANGHAI EA, 2 times World Reserve Champion Stallion, and the most popular and exotic stallion ever. SHANGHAI EA himself won the major tittles. He’s a father and grandfather the several World Champions and incredible number of international champions, like EXCALIBUR EA, ZEUS EA who is Silver Champion Stallion Israel National Show 2018 and Gold Champion Stallion & Supreme Champion Spanish Nationals 2019, ALEXXANDER, AJ KAFU, WORTEX KALLISTE, SHIRAZ DE LAFON, FUERTE,  ERA DE EXCALIBUR, EXXALT, and many others on the five continents.

Located in Spain


Date of birth 02-05-2018
Gender Mare
Color Grey



The Prince EA
Excalibur EA
Shanghai EA
Essence Of Marwan EA
Laman HVP
Miriam II
Ebony EA
Gazal Al Shaqab
Anaza El Farid
Essence Of Marwan EA
Marwan Al Shaqab

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