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Jun 27, 2020, 7:30:00 PM

Sold to Belgium

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Meravigliosaah MCA is by the unbeaten EKS Alihandro out of a daughter by the world known

QR Marc.

Her embryo that is offered in the auction is by Barjass Al Zobair.

Who from his side has father his father is SMA Magic One and his mother 

is the one and only FM Gloriaa

This embryo is a once in a liftime opportuity

Located in Belgium


!! The recepient mare is not included in this offer , this mare needs to go back to the reproduction center ( Belgium ) after weaning the foal !!


Date of birth 23-03-2021



Barjass Al Zobair
SMA Magic One
Majidah Bint Pacha
FM Gloriaa
WH Justice
Psity Of Angels
Meravigliosaah MCA
EKS Alihandro
Marwan Al Shaqab
OFW Psylhouette
Rebeccaah Marq MCA
QR Marc
Najaa Ashiraf

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